My Hero

Irene Jaquez was born to Lupe and Frank Jaquez on September 4,1956.She grew up with two younger sisters and one younger brother in Lawndale, California.Their names were Diane, Doreen, and Mario.They had many fun times together along with their two loving parents. Her first education started at Betsy Ross Elementary school and then she worked her way up to Jane Addams Middle School. Irene’s childhood was filled with joy and the love of both her parents.

Although she had a great childhood, she still faced several difficulties.One difficulty she faced was getting married at the young age of 16 to Miguel Pech.Along with that difficulty she faced the hardship of having to raise a family with four sons that needed attention.Irene also had to try and finish her education, but really could not with her family.The hardest difficulty that worried her the most was just to succeed in life, to just make it through.Even though she had faced and is still facing many difficulties,she never or will never give up.

Irene did however take steps to overcome her problems.One step she took was to never give up no matter how hard things got.Irene would just take her time and push through whatever she could.Another way she overcame her problems was by standing up to her fears so she could achieve her goals.To pursue her dream, she finished Lawndale High School and went to take care of her family.

Irene is now helping incarserated kids because it makes her proud to see them try and make it through. She is also the owner of an auto-shop called “Mike and Sons” named after her husband and sons that work there. Irene’s goal in life is to help the youth see there are better choices to make besides gangs and drugs.Irene is a hero because she never gives up no matter how hard life gets, she will keep going and will never let or anything or anyone stop her from achieving her dream.This is a great role model for people who are struggling with life, they just need to keep going no matter what obstacles they must face along the way. She will always be a caring, kind, helpful, hardworking, and generous person that will inspire people to keep going.

Hello Everyone!

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My name is Lila and I am just starting my first blog.Our teacher is showing us how to create a blog for ourselves.As soon as I learn more about blogs I will write about current events,social studies,and many other things.What would you like to see on my blog?What kind of current events do you like to listen to?Can you give me some advice for my blog?I will soon have more interesting things to put on my blog,but for right now I only have the basics for a beginner.I hope you can visit my blog often.


Have you ever wondered how a jacket could bring people together? Well, in ”  The Jacket” by Andrew Clements, it shows how a young boy named Phil Morelli expresses his feelings towards the racial divide in his society. Phil, Daniel, Lucy, his mom, and his dad all deal  with racism whether it is at school, Phil’s  house, neighborhood, or even Daniel’s house. Phil scuffles with Daniel, a fourth grader, for his jacket. In order to get revenge on Phil, Daniel tries to embarrass Phil at lunch.Phil worries about the jacket incident with Daniel for awhile, feeling bad. To make things better with Daniel, Phil asks Lucy, Daniel’s grandma, for Daniel’s phone number. But Phil never called Daniel, instead he decides to go to Daniel’s house. When Phil taps Daniel’s shoulder, it is shocking to know what happens next? However everything is alright after Daniel and Phil forgive each other and Phil knows he’s not predjiduce. From this story I learned, no matter how different people are, everyone should be treated good with fairness.

The message that stood out to me was, difference is not a bad thing, and we just have to accept everyone for who they are and treat them good. The  way character supports this message was that Phil thinks he is racist and wants to make things right with Danie, but he just does not know how to. Daniel is hurt by Phil’s words about Lucy, so he tries to get Phil back at lunch. Daniel and Phil both try to hurt each other with words and actions, but all they are doing is hurting themselves and each other. In their world of hate and violence, who can blame them, they are only learning from the world.

Accepting someone for who they are, is a theme statement the author made me see. Setting supports it because at school, Phil’s house, and his neighborhood Phil sees a racial divide. Everywhere he feels white people only belong where he is. Even later on after segregation ended, it is still used by some people towards other races. Phil wants everyone to “belong” and live in peace with each other, but he can’t help but feel that way.Daniel doesn’t really know that much and he sees everyone as the same. Phil and Daniel both just want to accept everyone for who they are.

Accepting difference can make a change, is supported by the plot because when Phil grabbed Daniel embarrassed Phil at lunch, Phil got his feelings hurt, but they eventually for gave each other. These  actions showed me that friendship is stronger than hate because difference is in everybody, since we are all humans with different styles, personalities, etc. If we all accepted each other, whho could bring us down?

Acceptance and difference are the two major words that the author made me think of because Phil had to learn how to accept someone of a different color. I also think Phil and Daniel learned revenge isn’t always the right thing to do, friendship is stronger than hatred. The message revealed to me by the author was difference is never bad, you should accept everyone for who they are. I saw that Phil learned this lesson from becoming friends with Lucy and Daniel, by accepting their differences. Daniel also accepts people for who they are on the inside, not just the outside. this book has taught me a lot about friendship and acceptance. I could use this in life by looking at people’s qualities on the inside instead of the outside.

Following Sally

” Today is my birthday! ” exclaimed Sally as she drew the curtains of her little room to let the cool morning sun shine through. Sally got dressed for the day and went into the kitchen to start writing a grocery list for the special dinner she would make herself. Her house was small, but it was big enough to invite a few people over for a small party. Birds chirped and bees hummed outside as Sally’s footsteps echoed throughout the her lonely, empty house while she walked into her dark kitchen. Her kitchen started getting too dark, so she drew the curtains, but as she did she noticed a strange, gray car parked in front of her house. The car’s windows were tinted, so she couldn’t see who was the driver. ” Probably just a neighbor’s friend, ” she said aloud as she put on her jacket and headed for the door.

As she stepped outside the gray car’s driver started the engine and puled up next to Sally’s car. She got into her car and started driving towards the market. The gray car kept following her, every turn she made, it made and every lane she switched to, the gray car switched too. Pretty soon Sally was going fifty miles over the speed limit, but at least she had lost the gray car. I lost him, Sally thought to herself, until she turned the corner and saw the gray car waiting for her. All of the color drained from her face as she hurried up and passed the strange car.

Sally was constantly glancing at the clock watching every miserable minute go by. Finally, she was at the market and the driver got out with a big cage. The driver was wearing a pitch black ski mask as he opened the cage five brown squirrels ran out of the cage. ” Surprise! ” he yelled and the squirrels attacked Sally. ” Owww!!!! ” Sally screamed in pain as the squirrels pulled her hair, clawed at her face, and bit her.

” Stop! ” the masked-man yelled and immediatley all of the squirrels stopped. They all ran back into the cage and the masked-man put them back into his car. Bleeding and hurt, Sally ran back into the market. ” Wait! ” the masked-man called out as he ran after Sally.

Once they entered the cold market, the smell of freshly baked bread filled the air. Footsteps running all around could be heard like they were right next to you. The shiny, white floor squeaked in pain each time it was stepped on, which made it easier for the masked-man to find Sally. Nicole , the only cashier there, seen Sally and the masked-man run in the market. Nicole got a bag full of green powder and she followed them close by. Sally ran through every aisle, but the masked-man still followed and so did Nicole. Soon Sally was running out of breath and she had to stop, luckily she was in aisle 5, so right when the masked-man was in front of her, she grabbed a 2-Liter soda and hit him in the head with it.

” Owwwwww!! ” he yelled, but he got back up and this time he grabbed Sally by both of her arms. He reached into his pocket and was pulling out something shiny until………. BOOM!! Nicole shot the green powder everywhere. In less than a minute all of the objects in the market were alive.Sodas, candies, steaks, ranch, and even milk was talking.

” Attack “!! Nicole shouted as sodas and cookies leaped from the shelves and started hitting the masked-man. Soon he was under a big pile of food and he could not get up.

” Stop “, I’m your friend!!! ” the masked-man called out desperately. Nicole got some rope out of the supply closet and tied up the man. Sally watched amazed by how quick Nicole could tie a knot with such a long rope.

” 911, this is Sally Brown at the local market, we caught some man and we want you to take hm to jail. ”  “We’ll be right there, ” the operator said. In five minutes two police cars pulled up to the market and ran inside. ” Hello, ” the cops called out. ” Over here, ” Sally called back. The two officers ran down and found two girls standing around a man with a mask tied up. ” First of all, let’s see who’s the man beneath the mask. ”

Slowly they pulled off the ski mask and revealed………… ” Joseph?! ” Sally asked surprised, yet puzzled. ” You know him? ” Nicole and the policemen asked. ” Yes, ” Sally said, ” We haven’t seen each other in five years, ” Sally explained to the them, and told them how they became friends.

” Surprise Sally, ” Joseph said weakly to her and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a sparkling, gold necklace. ” Awwww!” all of the food sang. Nicole pulled out another bag and poof! Red powder went everywhere and all of the food was back to just being a plain object. The clean, white floor was now covered in crushed chocolate chip cookies and soda that leaked everywhere. It was sticky and so was the masked-man.

” You are all welcome to my house for my party tonight, ” Sally told them with a big smile. ” Sure, ” everyone said and they all went to her house for the party. By the time they got to Sally’s house, it was 9:00 p.m. , but they did not care because they all had a great time.

Now Sally and Joseph are neighbors.[They live right next to each other.] As for Nicole, her and Sally are best friends now, they do everything together and Nicole quit her job to become a police woman with the other cops.

The Accident

>It does not seem like it has been two years,but it has.November 18,2008,the alarms rang in my ears as I stood staring unbelievably at the seven-car crash.Glass was shattered all over the street and what started as a good day changed all at once.
It all started as a regular day at Billy Mitchell Elementary School with friends.The dismissal bell rang and my niece,my mom,and I were on our way home.We were only two blocks away from our house in a dark blue “Scion”.We were all talking about different stories.Cars were driving very fast in both directions because there was no stoplight.It was around 3:30 p.m. and we were almost in the turning lane to get home when a red truck cut in front of us.My mom was going the speed limit,35 miles per hour.The red truck stopped, a few feet away from the turning lane.Not knowing what he was going to do, we came to an abrupt stop.A big,silver truck was going very fast and could not stop in time.

Boom!!! Our car was crashed from behind, pushing us toward the red truck.It seemed like glass was thrown by force towards the driver’s seat, but it was just a big soda that busted and went all over us.Getting out of the car we saw our once small “Scion” smashed even smaller, into an accordion that was totaled out and one lady even crashed with her baby between two cars.Fortunately, the baby was okay and no one was reported injured.As for the red truck, not a dent or a scratch was visible and he got away with everything, not a penny came from his pocket.The man that crashed us from behind had to pay for our car.My mom’s phone was lost and she could not call anyone.

Everything happened so fast, our heads ached, backs hurt, hands shook, and we were soaked with soda.The older man with the red truck kept going and still made the illegal u-turn he was waiting for.After that he parked and got out of his car.Everyone was really mad at him as they stared at the man, their eyes filled with pain and hatred.I will always remember that day.

That experience made an impact on my life because it showed me that everyone’s life is limited and you should live it to the fullest and my mom still misses her “Scion” when she sees someone driving one on the street.

By Lila